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Web & mobile app development team
by Ramotion


Full-stack teams

If your team is planning to develop a complex app or many products in parallel and wants to shorten the time to release, our developers will join your current top-notch team of programmers and provide world-class engineering.

Additional management and QA on our side will help distribute tasks and achieve maximum efficiency of this collaboration. We guarantee that the difference between remote and domestic work will be barely perceptible.

Teams with only back-end engineers

While your internal team develops a back-end with a public API, front-end programmers from Ramotion will prepare well-documented, and thoroughly tested front-end or independent UI controls.

Your team will only have to link these two components through the API library, which your or Ramotion’s team can develop, or just release the product after the testing of the final codebase with the help of our QA engineers.


For mobile app projects

Our developers are able to independently develop and test a mobile applications with a complex, fancy designs, and prepare builds for uploading to the App Store and Play Market. We also offer development of separate UI controls which integrate easily with major package managers like CocoaPods and Carthage. Developers can easily integrate our widgets into their projects.

To ensure smooth user interface work and entirely avoid any design limits, we use recent versions of Swift and Kotlin, native languages for iOS and Android. In some cases when the design allows, our team can handle React Native. Finally, we provide a codebase repository and build uploaded to an app store. For UI controls only projects we include documentation on “how to integrate” a control.

For website projects

Files prepared by our web front-end developers work upon being deployed to your server. In the process of working our engineers will build the front-end to work with the backend API. If some parts of the back-end are not yet ready, we will mock API responses in the required format, and when the back-end is completed it will be easy to replace mocks with real server responses. In our work, we typically use pure JS, though when required we can handle ReactJS, AngularJS, and other popular libraries. Finally, we provide a codebase repository and running website.


Uncompromising implementation of world-class designs in code from developers who cohabitate with designers

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